Unclaimed Loot

From the officers Barracks of the Urban Cohorts



1 Exceptional Chain Shirt. Double Mastercraft (-2 Armor Check penalty)

1 Excellent Chain Shirt. Thick (1/- Damage reduction vs. melee and ranged attacks). Mastercraft (-1 Armor Check penalty).

1 Excellent Mace. Lethal (+2 bonus to confirm Critical Hit).

1 Exceptional Longbow. Double Balanced (+2 to Initiative).

1 Excellent Longbow. Sharp (+1 Damage). Deadly (x4 Crit Damage).

2 Excellent Dagger. Poisoned (double number of strikes a weapon can make before the poison is rubbed off). Sharp (+1 Damage).

1 Excellent Short sword. Ornate (Cost x5). Threatening (+2 intimidate when displaying weapon).

1 Exceptional Breastplate. Fortified (10% chance to negate critical hit or sneak attack). Mastercraft (-1 Armor check penalty).

Unclaimed Loot

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