The Rise of the Black Company

The Annals from the Book of Croaker
The Annals of the Black Company

I’m Croaker, company annalist and physician. The pages contained within these annals are the various perspectives of what will become the history of the Black Company. From these pages I hope to illustrate our hardships and, fate be with us, our triumphs. Below are the various sub-texts as written from members of the Black Company.

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The Book of Bastard

The Book of Mumbles

The Book of Vulture

The Book of Scratch

The Book of Six

The Book of Creeper

The Book of Fitz

Croaker spoke to the assembled Company:

“In olden times the outfit consisted entirely of black soldiers. Thus the name. Its slow drift northward has seen not only its diminution but a shift in its makeup. One-Eye is the black man with us today.

“We are the last of the Twelve True Companies. We have out-endured the others by more than a century, but I fear we’re into our twilight days. I fear this may be the Company’s final commission. A page of history is about to turn. Once it does, the great warrior brotherhoods will be gone and forgotten.”

But Croaker was wrong….

Annals of Croaker Part 1

Annals of Croaker Part 2

Annals of Croaker Part 3

Annals of Croaker Part 4

Annals of Croaker Part 5

Annals of Croaker Part 6

Annals of Croaker Part 7

Annals of Croaker Part 8

Annals of Croaker Part 9

Annals of Croaker Part 10


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